The Soul of Your Story: A Five-Week Memoir Writing Intensive


**Join Brad Wetzler, acclaimed journalist and author of "Into the Soul of the World," in this deeply immersive five-week course to explore the art and heart of memoir writing.** 

Each week features interactive workshops, in-depth analyses, and personal writing assignmentsdrawing primarily from the themes and techniques used in “Into the Soul of the World,” with additional guidance from other celebrated memoirs.


Detailed Weekly Breakdown:


Week 1: Foundations of Your Memoir

    • Session Date: Wednesday, June 26 at noon MT
    • Live Workshop (2 hours): Explore the basics of memoir writing, examining effective introductions and critical distinctions between memoirs and autobiographies
    • In-Class Writing Prompt: Create an engaging opening paragraph.
    • Dedicated Writing Time: Develop and refine your opening with instant feedback.

Week 2: Sculpting Your Narrative

    • Session Date: Wednesday, July 3 at noon MT
    • Live Workshop (2 hours): Delve into narrative structure, comparing techniques in “Into the Soul of the World” to those in other memoirs for structuring a compelling story.
    • In-Class Writing Prompt: Draft a pivotal moment that defines your memoir’s structure.
    • Dedicated Writing Time: Build out this pivotal moment, enhancing its narrative impact.

Week 3: Character and Dialogue

    • Session Date: Wednesday, July 10 at noon MT
    • Live Workshop (2 hours): This workshop will focus on developing nuanced characters and authentic dialogue, using examples from “Into the Soul of the World” and other acclaimed memoirs.
    • In-Class Writing Prompt: Compose a dialogue that reveals critical character relationships.
    • Dedicated Writing Time: Refine your dialogue to enhance character depth and story engagement.

Week 4: The Emotional Core

    • Session Date: Wednesday, July 17 at noon MT
    • Live Workshop (2 hours): Learn to authentically handle sensitive topics and deep emotions, drawing on examples from various memoirs.
    • In-Class Writing Prompt: Tackle a personal, transformative experience.
    • Dedicated Writing Time: Craft this experience into a compelling narrative with emotional honesty.

Week 5: Revision and Beyond

    • Session Date: Wednesday, July 24 at noon MT
    • Live Workshop (2 hours): Master revision techniques and discuss pathways to publication, including self-publishing and traditional routes.
    • In-Class Writing Prompt: Select a segment for intensive revision.
    • Dedicated Writing Time: Apply advanced revision techniques to refine your selected text.
  • Price: $499
  • Duration: 5 Weeks
  • Access to Recorded Version
  • Interactive workshops
  • In-depth analyses
  • Personal writing assignments
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” I recently participated in a Zoom session offered by writing coach Brad Wetzler. The topic, Memoir Writing, was packed with more useful information than any introductory course I have ever attended. Brad is generous with his insight and wisdom; his authenticity and humor shine through. I learned how to tell a more compelling story, and to set “audience” aside for long enough to find and celebrate my voice. Brad is empowering others by sharing decades of writing experience and offering guidance in such an accessible platform. With thanks and respect. ”

-Elizabeth Penziner M.P.H., RYT


Brad Wetzler is a gifted writing coach who uses a spirited approach to mentorship. The writer’s journey combined with Brad’s knowledge make for a  powerful journey. A spirited and earthy guy, Brad will get you where you want to go with your writing. I savor every moment I spent with coach Brad!



For years I've wanted to tell the story of my life. I have lots of bits and pieces, have started many times but became distracted and failed to progress. Brad Wetzler has helped me outline my project, encouraged me when I felt discouraged, motivated me when I was lacking focus, and pushed me to tell interesting stories rather than just list boring details. If you too want to write but can't seem to get started or have started but aren't making progress, I would urge you to hire Mr. Wetzler to assist you. You will not regret it.

Captain Paul A. Jones Author of "From Farm to Ocean"